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Who are we?

"V. Calzada, Solicitors" is a law firm whose principal objective is to offer both Spanish nationals and non-residents quality, efficient and personalised legal consultancy, adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Founded in September 2000 by Violeta Calzada Velasco, the firm provides legal and fiscal consultancy in the following areas of Law: Real Estate, Information Technology, Civil, Commercial, Administrative, Town Planning and the Environment, and Procedural and Contentious-Administrative Law.

Violeta Calzada personally deals with each client and supervises all work, providing practical, efficient solutions to the different matters.

About Violeta Calzada Velasco

Violeta Calzada is a Law Graduate from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1988-1993), and has a Diploma in European Union Law from the C.E.U. San Pablo de Madrid (1989-1993) and an M.A. in Legal Consultancy from the Madrid Business Institute (1994-1995), as well as having taken part in many other courses, congresses and symposia since 1995.

She has been a practicing Lawyer and member of the Law Society of Málaga (membership number 4.019) since the 4th of September, 1996.

From January 1995 to July 2000 she developed her professional career as a Legal Consultant of the consortium of municipalities of the western Costa del Sol, and in the European Union department of that organisation, as well as giving Courses in Community Law for Employees working for the Municipalities which comprise the Consortium.

Since the start of 2000, she has combined this work with the Consortium of Municipalities with her own practice, and opened the Law Firm in September 2000.

She speaks and writes English fluently.


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